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Impressive Benefits of Kickboxing Will Make You Want To Punch A Heavy Bag

Impressive Benefits of Kickboxing Will Make You Want To Punch A Heavy Bag

Have you ever watched kickboxing on television or maybe even at a live event? It looks pretty fun doesn’t it, and maybe a little dangerous too, but don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be dangerous. The benefits of kickboxing are nearly endless and they go a long way in creating a stronger, faster, healthier, and more confident you, not to mention that it teaches you how to defend yourself as well. Kickboxing is a fantastic martial art that teaches you a whole lot of things and leaves you a much healthier person at the end of the day. You should definitely give this a quick read through to find out just how many awesome things kickboxing can do for you.

If you’re stuck in a workout rut or looking for a motivating fitness routine, you might consider adding a high-energy kickboxing workout to the schedule. Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time.

Kickboxing training tends to involve shorts bouts, two to three minutes long, of intense, repetitive movement—like hitting a punching bag over and over again and kicking and kneeing a pad someone else is holding.

There’s no denying that kickboxing is one of the best workouts for your body. It combines cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat. It’s the perfect form of cardio because you are constantly pushing yourself, typically working with a trainer one-on-one to motivate you throughout your session. In fact, your hour-long workout will be up before you know it.

This is a sport that focuses your mind as much as it does your body, helping to develop your concentration as much as to help you burn fat and burn calories. For this reason, it is an absolutely incredible sport that has the power to change your attitudes and outlook on life.

Health Benefits of Kickboxing

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or long-time gym aficionado, undertaking a kickboxing workout at least once per week can help you feel re-energized and out of a rut. Here are some more benefits of kickboxing workouts:

Learn How To Defend Yourself

Something that everyone will definitely be able to appreciate about kickboxing is that it is one of the best things to know in terms of self-defense. Kickboxing is a very versatile martial art that teaches you many basics, especially when it comes to striking with your hands and feet.

Nobody wants to be bullied in school, or even worse, in adulthood, and nobody wants to be robbed or mugged on the street, and nobody wants to be confronted in a dark alleyway without the means to defend themselves.

Well, kickboxing is probably one of the best things to know if you really want to be able to defend yourself versus a bully, attacker, or someone putting unwanted hands on you. Nothing will deter those bad people quicker than a swift kick to the head.

Of course we are not advocating violence in any way, but sometimes when life calls for it, when that bully wants your lunch money, when that guy in the alley wants your wallet, or when that drunk guy at the bar won’t stop putting hands on you, knowing how to defend yourself with your own 2 hands and feet is the best way to stay safe and keep your possessions where they belong, in your own pockets.

Health Benefits of Kickboxing

Burn Calories

Kickboxing is a high-intensity, high-impact workout that will have you constantly in motion. Your heart rate will be raised throughout your session, which means you’ll be burning calories. “On average, my clients lose up to 800 to 1000 calories per session,” says Kelly.

Specific calories burned are really dependent on the intensity levels and your individual characteristics, according to the Mayo Clinic. Kickboxing does fall into the “vigorous” category of aerobic activity, which means you’ll be burning more calories in a short period of time compared to other “moderate” activities.

Increase Flexibility

During a typical class warm up, you do several stretches for your hips and shoulders. In addition, the moves during the workout itself involve high kicks to the front and side which also increase your range of motion in your hips.

Tone body

The different kicks, jumps and punches keep all of your different muscles engaged. Most kickboxing movements require a lot of strength and core power to be done correctly. These are the type of movements that will help you tone your body and trim your waist.

Your arms might do a lot of work as they turn, twist, and extend through each punch, and your legs certainly drive each kick, but it takes your entire body to create force and add power to each movement. Also, most kickboxing workouts involve a total-body warm-up or active recovery intervals, featuring moves like squats, lunges, situps, pushups, or burpees. So you train from head to toe doing those exercises, too.

Reduce Stress – and Release Emotional Tension

unching and kicking is not just about fat burning or fitness training. No. Rather, the instinctive element of these actions is in the fact of their implicit aggression.

These actions relieve stress. Besides the physical, aerobic exercise – which is a natural stress relief in itself – the aggression that you can channel through kickboxing is unparalleled in pretty much any other sport.

Whether it’s anger or stress, sometimes there’s nothing quite like punching out those less-than-positive emotions. Kickboxing requires constant movement, which helps relieve stress. Studies have also shown that boxing exercises can diminish feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger.

Take out the frustration that you feel in life on a punch bag – and feel the emotional release

Boosts Energy Levels

Performing a high-intensity kicking boxing routine might seem like something that would tire you out, but many people find that the opposite is true. Kickboxing often gives people an energy boost, not just because of the natural endorphins (though that of course plays a role!) but also due to the empowering nature of the workout.

This gives your physical and mental energy levels a boost. After your workout and rest period your body will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Melt Fat, Fast

Combining martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio, kickboxing is a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat.

“It’s an incredibly efficient workout. Kickboxing alone burns about 750 calories in an hour,” says Sammie Kennedy, CEO and creator of Femme Fitale, Ontario’s newest women’s-only kickboxing and mixed martial arts program (MMA). “Add in jump rope and conditioning drills, and you could burn anywhere from 750 to 900 calories in an hour.”

The cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat-especially that stubborn belly fat that’s associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology found aerobic exercise to be better at reducing belly fat than resistance training, by burning an average of 67 percent more calories.

Improves Stamina, Agility and Coordination

Physically, it is a phenomenally cardio-intensive full body workout, burning plenty of calories whilst creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Your core is put to the test, as tension in the abdominals is required when performing punches or kicks, which in turn develops better posture and increased balance. The sheer amount of these movements has numerous benefits, ranging from increased flexibility to growths in strength endurance. As a result, it may help to combat the loss of agility either due to inactivity or ageing. Throughout classes, the experienced instructors guide class members through stages such as stretching and working the punch bag. The ability to react quickly to instructions and situations enables participants to rapidly improve coordination and reflexes, leaving you feeling sharper than ever.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Depending on the length of the class, kickboxing fitness classes can range in intensity, but they are all great aerobic workouts. These types of classes get your heart pumping, which carries oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, therefore improving your cardiovascular fitness level. The more your heart has to work, the more efficient it will become at transporting oxygen. The more frequently you exercise, the lower your resting heart rate will be, which is the sign of a healthy heart. If you want to improve your stamina, try taking a 1-hour kickboxing class so you sustain the intensity for a longer period of time.

Improve Endurance

Cardio-heavy workouts are the ticket to building endurance. A study published by the Biology of Sport journal shows that kickboxing can build cardio and muscular endurance.3 “Kickboxing and boxing is arguably one of the best and most fun ways to improve endurance/stamina,” says Kelly. “The more you do it, the more your endurance improves.”

One of the most important components of kickboxing is learning when to breathe during your workout to prevent getting winded. Learning proper breathing techniques and maintaining them throughout your session is equally as vital to your practice as throwing the perfect punch.

Improve Posture

Put your slouching days behind you! The addition of kickboxing will have you standing tall. “Being on your toes and finding balance is essential and helps improve your posture immensely,” says Kelly.

To improve your posture, you need a strong core, which includes ab and lower back muscles. Kickboxing engages those muscles, resulting in trunk stability, upright posture, and also improved postural control during physical activity.

If you’re hunched over a computer all day, kickboxing workouts will challenge many muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day, and you’ll start to build up your core. Core muscles in around your abdominal wall are targeted with kickboxing routines because you need to use your waist and abs for balance, and to execute each carefully coordinated move.

Building Stronger Muscles – A Full Body Workout

Perhaps one of our favorite parts about participating in some regular kickboxing classes is that it will help you become very strong very quickly. All of that striking that you do with your feet and your hands definitely uses your muscles, and not just a little bit either. Punching and kicking will no doubt make your muscles very big and strong, but that still is not everything.

There is a lot more than just striking when you engage in martial arts like kickboxing. Training for this fantastic martial art means doing sit ups, pushups, planks, running, jumping rope, and so much more. There are a whole lot of resistance exercises, weight training exercises, and isometric exercises that you need to do in kickboxing in order to really train the way that professionals train.


Increasing Focus & Concentration

The next thing that benefits of kickboxing can help you with is to improve both your focus and concentration. This is because kickboxing is of course a martial art, which is something that requires a whole lot of dedication and concentration to master. All of those different kicks, punches, and fighting moves take a lot of time to master, and without the proper amount of dedication, there is no chance of ever getting better at it, let alone become a master kickboxer.

Going back night after night to train your kickboxing technique will definitely teach you the focus, concentration, and dedication that you need to get through life. All of those qualities are very important for your everyday life. Have you ever tried keeping a job when you haven’t been able to concentrate on the task at hand? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

It’s Fun!!!

Sick and tired of the same old boring workouts? If all of the benefits above aren’t enough for you, the best benefit is that it’s a lot of fun! It’s a very dynamic class where you’ll utilize a lot of muscle groups. Because you’re practicing martial arts moves, it won’t even feel like you’re exercising. You’ll jump, punch, and kick your way to a happier, healthier self.

You’ll also benefit from the social environment being in a group exercise class. Even if you have never taken a class before, the community will welcome you because they were once in that position, too. In a few sessions, you’ll feel like one of the group.

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