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How to Calculate Vertical Jump

Sports, such as basketball, require the ability to jump vertically. Vertical jumping requires powerful contraction and extension of all the leg muscles and the back muscles. If you are working to increase the height of your vertical jump, it is important to know how to accurately measure your jump so that you can gauge a baseline height and track your progress.

Step 1

Stand sideways against a high wall, near a flat surface, that you don’t mind getting chalk dust on.

Step 2

Cover your fingertips on one hand with chalk.

Step 3

Reach your hand as high as you can, keeping your feet flat on the ground, and mark this height on the wall.

Step 4

Reapply the chalk to your fingers.

Step 5

Jump as high as you can, with your arm reaching up, from the same spot and mark the wall with your hand.

Step 6

Jump three times, marking the wall each time.

Step 7

Measure the height of your standing mark.

Step 8

Measure the height of your highest jump.

Step 9

Subtract your standing height from your highest jump. This number is your vertical jump.

Edit by Source By Sarah Smenyak | livestrong.com

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