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12 Reasons Parents Should Enroll Child In Karate Kid

12 Reasons Parents Should Enroll Child In Karate Kid

When parents who were kids, you were big fans of Karate Kid or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or some movies like that in the 80s or 90s. And you definitely want your kids stronger and healthier as well as demanding the love to hero, that reasons why parents should let child join karate kid.

Karate Kid Is A Key Every Parent Should Think About

In our point of view, we are trying help you understand the good effects of karate kid for kids so that you can consider it. Karate kid training is not only help kids away from electronic devices but also help them prove physical strength. Here are our reasons to help you have a clear view from the benefits of karate kid for kids:

Discipline Of Dojo Place

A dojo is a place that consist of respect, focus and honor between disciples.
In many karate kid traditions, all-aged students are forced to show their honor to instructor as well as other classmates. The instructor has a simple gesture sets the tone for what’s in store. It can be considered a reminder to each disciple that karate kid demand focus, respect – all things that meet needs in life.
In most karate kid schools or class or academics, an action of honor and prompt obedience to instructions permeates the atmosphere and students adapt it quickly. So many parents note an increased level of compliance at home once their child begins practicing a martial art.

Determination From Karate Kid

Karate kid likes other sports, karate kid students often set measurable personal goals.
Many karate kid traditions use a colored belt system of ranking. Each belt has a certain level of proficiency and often requires some test or qualifying examination to obtain. Seeing other students wearing higher-ranking belts often compels kids to strive for the next level.
Not only does ranking fuel determination, but the physical demands of karate kid also develop kids’ ability to sweat, strain, and push themselves beyond their limits. Whether engaging in group conditioning such as push-ups or grappling with a classmate for a three-minute practice round, kids quickly learn to force themselves to work harder than ever before.



One of the benefits of karate kid for kids is the variety of disciplines from which they can choose.
Many parents enroll their child in 2 or 3 karate kid classes (many times at the same dojo). Each style challenges them in unique ways. Here is a short list of forms and the unique benefits that come with each:

• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Like American wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is hands-on and fast-paced, things that many kids like. Not only is this style engaging, but it is also very efficient concerning self-defense for children of all sizes.
• Karate – A maxim in this style of martial art is never attack first. Karate is a great way to teach kids how to be respectful and to focus on defense rather than offense. Using defensive and counterattacking body movements, kids will learn to honor their opponents and develop their character at the same time.
• Taekwondo – The very name of this discipline refers to putting your fists under your feet, a fancy way of referring to maintaining control, seeking peace, and aiming to stop fights rather than start them. If your aim as a parent is to train your child to be a peace-keeper, Taekwondo might be an excellent style to explore.
• Judo – Unlike many other karate kid styles, Judo does not use kicks, punches, joint pressure, or weapons to subdue an opponent. Instead, students will learn to use strength, focus, and balance to overcome an opponent with a mixture of force and gentleness. This karate kid style also trains the student to be very physically fit and flexible.
• Kung Fu – This is one of the oldest and most complex styles of karate kid. Kids who enroll in a Kung Fu class will be challenged physically and mentally as it’s three main forms take time, focus, and determination to master.

Engaging in differing styles of karate kid will develop your little warrior in various ways. Ask an instructor if they offer kids’ classes in each one.


Disclaimer – your kid will learn to do things that might freak you out at first.
Unlike youth basketball or swimming lessons, your child will learn to punch, kick, grapple, block, and more actions. Even though it takes place in a controlled and monitored environment, the very nature of karate kid is, to various degrees, aggressive.
The benefits of karate kid for kids is that it redirects their natural impulses toward aggression and channels them in constructive, helpful, and beneficial ways. All the karate kid disciplines listed above primarily focus on self-defense rather than self-promotion, humility rather than bravado.


Karate kid schools and academies challenge kids in useful ways.
In many karate kid schools, students receive a structured, well-rounded education in physical fitness, mental alertness, humility, and respectful social interaction. They will also gain confidence to face an increasingly scary world with a desire to avoid trouble – and with the ability to deal with it if the need arises.
Also, they will be challenged to dedicate themselves to press on in their pursuit of the next level of achievement in their respective discipline. Whether it is passing a hands-on test while the student’s instructor grades them or demonstrating proficiency to graduate to the next belt color, kids learn to stick it out even when it’s hard.

Karate is Fun

Most disciples will be happy when they arrived in Karate which is an activity that kids think is fun. They want action more, they want to be stronger. They are eager to control thei future. They absolutely want to be a hero and be admired by many people. And, they want to be a good people because they know it would mean they have become a special kind of person.
For many people this would seem to be just a lot of hard work. Yes, it is hard work and nothing can be covered. But overall, kids see themselves the positive side of becoming more powerful and grown up. And they get to be around positive Black Belt role models as they want to be honor from the public.
Students learn from all kinds of that that you/ their parents can be happy and let your child enjoy your trip through life even with all of its struggles. This is the gifted thing they all good parents want all of my children and grandchildren to have.

Challenges and Positive Reinforcement

Karate kid training has challenges when that challenge is overcome. The challenges are the requirements and standards for the different belt ranks in Karate. The rewards are the belts. The belts to the kids are a big reward as symbolizing their development toward being the power of person we call a Black Belt.
As children achieve higher and higher ranks they gain more self-esteem from the accomplishments they created, and from their realization of the personal power they are developing.
Each step along the way to Black Belt the challenges become bigger and bigger and as students overcome each challenge they unconsciously learn a willingness to take on even larger challenges in the future. They become willing to take on bigger challenges at school, in college, at work, and in their personal life. These all create bigger rewards in their life.

Success Attitudes

Karate teaches attitudes and skills that produce success in life. These attitudes and skills lift up and increase the results your child will get in school, in college, in their career, in their personal goals, and in their life. Never Give Up and Patience are just a few of these powerful attitudes that can change destinies.
Some parents may not consider Karate as an activity for their child because they are unfamiliar with the benefits of practicing Karate. Karate is one activity that can develop your child in many ways. I was so amazed with all the ways Karate training can benefit kids, that I quit my career as a Health Physicist and dedicated my life to studying Karate. Now, after 35 years of studying Karate, here is my “top ten list” of the reasons you might choose to consider Karate as an activity for your child. I’ve listed them in reverse order with the most important reasons last.

Brain Development

We have two sides of our brains that control the right and left sides of our bodies. There is a dense network of nerves between the two halves of our brain that is called the corpus collosum. This network of nerves allows the right side and left side of our brains to communicate with each other in coordinated action. The intricate moves of Karate develop and strengthen the corpus collosum. This results in better balance and coordination, but it also improves a student’s ability to solve problems and come up with solutions to life’s difficulties.

No Bench Time

In many sports and activities, if you are not on the “First String” or the “A Squad” you get a lot less practice. Of course that keeps your child from becoming their best. In Karate, students are practicing all the time no matter what their current level of ability is. This helps your child to develop more rapidly, but it also unconsciously lets them know that their progress in life does not have to be limited by what a coach thinks their abilities are.


Of course Karate teaches very practical self-defense skills. But most people get in very few fights in their life, and that’s why I have this as number 8. Knowing how to defend yourself, and knowing it is OK to use those skills to protect yourself, is extremely valuable if you do need to protect yourself. Many kids are taught at school these days that it is never OK to fight. Most kids take this to mean it is never OK to defend yourself. This is a serious misunderstanding that parents should actively remedy.

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